Saturday, 12 June 2010

Wadjemup Lighthouse, Australia

Today's last postcard is also a lighthouse one, but this time from Australia. It's a swap with Heather who has also sent me some other gorgeous postcards of Western Australia.

Info from the back of the card:

Wadjemup Lighthouse, Rottnest Island
Construction: White sandstone c1850.
Converted to automatic operation in Nov 1986.
Location: Lat 32° 0.5'S, Long 115° 30.1'E.
Character: Flashing every 7.5 seconds.
Light Source: 120v 1000w Tungsten Halogen lamp.
Intensity: 1,300,000 CD.
Elevation: 80.5 metres.
Range: 26 Nautical miles. 41km nominal.
Height: 38.7 metres.
Interesting fact: During the Meckering Earthquake in Oct 1968 a quantity of the mercury spilled out of its bath.

And again, amazing stamps! Heather even found a stamp from Rottnest Island, although it's a different lighthouse, just on the same island. It's from a set of 6 stamps issued in 2007, with the theme Australian Island Jewels. The other stamp is from a set of 4 stamps issued in 2009, depicting Australian Songbirds. This one is the Noisy Scrub-bird (love the name! :D).

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