Sunday, 6 June 2010

Land of the Midnight Sun

It has taken me this long to post about a Finnish card.. O_o I suppose it's partly due to the fact that most of my cards from there are non-viewcards, and it's usually a bit difficult to find much to say about them (although I really do love most of them, I quite miss the selection of postcards available in Finnish shops). Since moving to England, I have started to appreciate my native country more, such as the nature and clean air etc..


Since joining postcrossing I've become more interested in Lapland (I've never been there.. I think the northernmost place I've been to in Finland is Kuopio, which isn't northern at all!). Some of the sceneries there are truly amazing. This card is probably one of my favourites, I love the atmosphere and colours in it.

I haven't always appreciated the fact that Finnish summer nights are so light, though... It's nice if you're out late, but if you're trying to sleep and don't have dark curtains, it can be a bit of a pain sometimes.

The stamp was issued in 2006 and shows the Finnish flag. I love the fact it's cut in shape. :)


conscioushours said...

Kiva että tykkäsit kortista :)

Anu said...

Se on ihan huippu! Upea maisema :)