Thursday, 17 June 2010

Kiipsaare Daymark, Estonia

Another lighthouse from Estonia...

Info from the back of the card:

KIIPSAARE DAYMARK on the Harilaid Peninsula, Saaremaa Island, Estonia
Height from bottom 25 m
The lighthouse (1933), inactive today, is famous for its leaning tower and scenic location.
The wave erosion has severely undermined the basement of the tower, as a result, it has become inclined seaward.

I can't help feeling jealous that people in so many countries can still get hold of old stamps. Here in the UK it's difficult to find anything that was issued over a year ago. :( Anyway, here the stamp on the left is a commemorative stamp issued in 2000, celebrating the Tallinn Zoo. The animal is the Amur Long-Tailed Goral. The stamp on the right was issued in 2008 and shows the Kalvi Hall manor hall on the high North Estonian limestone coast.

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