Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I've swapped a few more postcards with Heather in Australia - her cards are SO beautiful, and I love the stamps she uses as well. :) This has got to be one of my favourite postcards from her, I just love the atmosphere in this card!

The postcard shows two aboriginal sisters, don't they look happy and cute?! It makes me miss my sister... I only have one sister, but she's truly wonderful and I really miss her. I'm going to Finland for two weeks in August, I really can't wait. It'll be SO good to see my family and friends again! I haven't been there for about a year and a half now...

Back to the postcard... The stamps are great as usual. The one one the left was issued earlier this year and commemorates the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. The stamp in the middle was issued this year, too, and comes from a set of 5 stamps with the title "Come to the Show". These stamps highlight the agriculture and royal shows that form part of the Australian calendar each year. Finally, the stamp on the right (issued this year, too) is from a set of 2 stamps with the theme Australian Commonwealth Coinage 1910-2010.

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