Wednesday, 2 June 2010

something different

I received this very cute postcard from the lovely Katya in Russia. She always has the best postcards! ;) This is supposed to be a squirrel, although I find it a little confusing - for some reason the animal here also looks a bit like a fox to me. O_o

I love the watercolours, this is SO nicely done, and the apples look totally scrumptious.

...aaand the stamps are equally amazing! I've grown to really love Russian stamps, there are so many colourful, pretty stamps in that country. I had some fun trying to find more info about these... :p Starting from the left, I couldn't find any info on the tulip stamp, so all I know is that it was issued in 2001. The same with the insect... The one next to that is a commemorative stamp from a set of 3 stamps, issued in 2004, depicting "Riding Habits for Ladies - Side-saddle Riding". The stamp second to right I again know nothing about; the one on the right is from a set of 3 stamps issued in 2005, with the subject "Millennium of Kazan". This stamp shows The Cathedral of the Annunciation.

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