Friday, 4 June 2010

Cheddar, England

This one is not from friends or ex-penpals (!) but from Matt's parents. His family know I love postcards so they sometimes get them for me when they visit different places.

I think most people (at least in Finland, although it's not very popular there) would associate 'Cheddar' with cheese, but it's also a village in England. It's situated in the district of Sedgemoor in the English county of Somerset (in the south of England). The parish has a population of 5,093 (in 2001).

Cheddar Gorge (which you can see on the postcard as well) is the largest gorge in the United Kingdom and includes several show caves. It has been the setting for a major centre of human settlement since Neolithic times, including a Saxon palace. It also provides a unique geological and biological environment which has been recognised by the designation of several Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

The village gave its name to Cheddar cheese and has also been a major centre for strawberry growing. It is now a major tourist destination and large village with several cultural and community facilities, including the Cheddar Show Caves Museum.

Cheddar cheese is probably the most popular cheese in the UK, or at least that's the impression you get if you visit any supermarket or grocery store. Cheddar is also what we usually have at home (this family consumes crazy amounts of it!). I have to say I normally prefer the milder varieties, although some stronger ones are quite nice, too. It's just a shame it's quite difficult to slice it - I'd rather have thinner slices in my sandwiches rather than huge chunks!

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