Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Brittany, France

I thought I'd post some older postcards here occasionally as well - I have quite a collection and there are lots of interesting postcards there that deserve more attention.

This card is from my French friend Tiphaine. She used to spend holidays in Brittany with her family (I don't know if she still does... she told me earlier that Brittany is one of the places she loves the most on this planet so I hope she can still go there :)) and would send me postcards from there. This one is probably my favourite, and, although you can't tell from the picture, HUGE! It's always a treat to receive something like this, especially when it's from such a good friend.

I don't know what this little village is called, but it's a little village in the heart of Brittany. It looks incredibly beautiful - I wouldn't mind spending some holidays there, either! :D Apparently Brittany and England are very much alike when it comes to weather, though.. :p

ps. Note the cute little lighthouse on the right!

EDIT: I think this card is from Doëlan as well, judging by the description of the lighthouses in the following post...

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