Monday, 7 June 2010


I actually received this from the British Isles RR on the postcrossing forum, but the card is Spanish and sent from Spain.

I have mainly heard of Lanzarote because it's such a popular tourist destination for Finns (and many other European nationals, I bet!) and I've seen it about a million times in travel brochures. That's perhaps why I wouldn't be very keen on going there on a holiday; the thought of lying on a crowded beach doesn't exactly appeal to me too much. I wouldn't mind going there, though - a holiday somewhere away from home would still be great and I'd love some sunshine (which we don't get too much here in England.. :p). According to Wikipedia, 5,438,178 passengers travelled through Arrecife Airport (the international airport of Lanzarote) in 2008. Not a surprise, then, that tourism has been the mainstay of the island's economy for the past forty years.

The stamp was issued in 2010 and, as it explains in Spanish, Spain holds Presidency of the Council of the European Union this year. (The next country to hold the Presidency will be Belgium, which takes over in July.)

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