Wednesday, 14 July 2010

State Library of New South Wales, Australia

Being the bookworm I am, it is always a treat to receive postcards showing libraries around the world.


The library here is the State Library of New South Wales in Australia (also shown with special Christmas lights). It is a large public library owned by the state of New South Wales and it is located in Sydney.

The public library started as the 'Australian Subscription Library' in 1826. It was then taken over by the New South Wales Government in 1869 and became the 'Sydney Free Public Library'. In 1895 it was renamed the 'Public Library of New South Wales' until its most recent name change in 1975, when it became the 'State Library of New South Wales'.

The library contains over 4.7 million items including more than 2 million books, 1.2 million microforms, 1.1 million photographs, as well as newspapers, maps, architectural plans, manuscripts and other items. As well as being a general purpose reference and research library, it contains many historically significant collections dating from the European colonisation of Australia, including accounts from Australian explorers and other pioneers, paintings and sketches, and many other historical records. These are held in the Australiana research collections known as the Mitchell (named for David Scott Mitchell) and Dixson libraries, housed within the State Library precinct. The collections grow through purchase and other acquisitions of material, and legal deposit for all books published in New South Wales.

I'm a little confused with the stamps... Why are they put on the card like this?? I'd like to see the bottom one as well, especially as it doesn't seem to be from the usual overseas stamps range. :(

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