Monday, 5 July 2010

Glasgow, Scotland

Another official card, this one arrived today, up from Scotland.


I'm not a huge fan of UK multiview postcards in general, but this one is more special as it's from Glasgow. I really love Scotland; for some reason I always feel right at home there, it would be great to live there one day, but I might just keep on dreaming... I've been to Glasgow once (almost five years ago now... too long!). A very good friend of mine lives there and I went to visit her when I was studying in England. I really liked the city and would love to go there again. I really should, I want to meet up with my friend again!

My clearest memories relate to visiting the grounds of the Glasgow University (it looks like Hogwarts! :D), wandering around in the Bothanic Garden, and a visit to Uisge Beatha, where all the waiters wore kilts. Mmmmmmm...! ;)

Anyway. This postcard shows (from top left corner:) Art Galleries and Museum; St. Enoch's Square; The River Clyde; and Art Gallery from the River Kelvin.

The stamp is the Scottish second class definitive stamp, showing the Scottish flag (obviously :P).

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