Saturday, 31 July 2010

Funafala lagoon side beach, Funafuti, Tuvalu

Now this is something rather different... I never expected I'd receive a postcard from Tuvalu! Not that I really knew anything of the place before now...


The postcard is from the Earth Day 2010 Project, a collaboration between postcrossing and students from Tuvalu. I did comment there so I guess I should've guessed I might eventually receive a card, but I never thought it'd work this way and the UK isn't exactly a rare country with only a few postcrossers, so... I'm very pleased :)

Due to global warming and the rising of sea-level, there are predictions that in the next 50 years the entire population will have to be evacuated. The ocean can swallow Tuvalu whole, making it the first country to be wiped off the map by climate change. This project is to help spread their word about how important it is to reflect and act upon climate change. The project is called "Send Tuvalu to the world" and consists on sending 422 postcards to all over the world sharing their thoughts about Tuvalu. The students organized a painting contest to draw a special stamp to be used in all the postcards, so these are very special indeed.

The view on the card is so beautiful, and there is a cute drawing of an island with palm trees, and a turtle and the sun, drawn by a child named Kashmir. So sweet!

And here is the special stamp!

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