Friday, 9 July 2010

Sedgley, England

I thought I'd show you my home town. Well, sort of.. This doesn't really show a town but just a church, but this is the only postcard I've been able to find of Sedgley. I have a few of Dudley, but those don't seem to exist anymore in shops either as I haven't been able to find them anywhere since last year. Well, Dudley isn't exactly a popular tourist destination and it's not particularly pretty, either (honestly, a lot of Dudley is just so run down and boarded up it's really depressing).

Anyway, here you can see All Saints Parish Church in Sedgley. Sedgley is a tiny town within the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley, situated some four miles north of Dudley in the direction of Wolverhampton (I live very near to the Wolverhampton border; my bus stop is the first stop in Dudley after the border). Sedgley was originally a manor of villages, but developed into a town between 1920 and 1970 following extensive housebuilding in the private and public sectors.

All Saints' Church, then, is a parish church situated in the town centre. The first All Saints' Church was built during the 12th century but the current structure was completed in 1805 and has a capacity to seat more than 1,300 people. The organ which was fitted in the church on its completion had originally been in Westminster Abbey. The church is located on the corner of Vicar Street and Dean Street, with the modern vicarage and church hall on the opposite side of Vicar Street.

As I prefer written and stamped postcards to unwritten cards, I thought I'd mail the card to myself - plus that way I'd get a nice stamp on it, too. :) I'm annoyed that the card didn't actually get cancelled, though, but still has those annoying orange markings so I can't mail it again. Grrrr. The stamp is from a miniature sheet issued in May this year, with the title "Britain Alone". The miniature sheet's theme is the Battle of Dunkirk. All the stamps in this series relate to World War II and I personally think they are very nice (although obviously the theme isn't nice at all. :/).

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