Monday, 5 July 2010

St Petersburg, Russia

This might just be one of my favourite Russian postcards, or at least postcards from St Petersburg. I actually already had a copy from a swap with the lovely Katya, but this one came as an official last week.


I think Katya mentioned earlier that this kind of houses are typical in St Petersburg. In any case, I think they look very pretty, and I love the colours here. This actually reminds me of Finland; I love the old blocks of flats there, I find them very charming for some reason. Also, I REALLY really like the little green heart on the bottom left corner in this postcard, so cute!

The big stamp on the right is from a set of 4 stamps issued in 2009, representing World Cultural Heritage in Russia. This one here shows Solovetsky Islands.The stamp next to that is from a set of 12 definitive stamps issued in 2009, depicting Russian Kremlins. This one shows the Moscow Kremlin. The smallest stamps are from a set of 15 definitive stamps issued in 2008, showing animals, these being the Hare and Fox.

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