Sunday, 18 July 2010

Oranmore, Co. Galway, Ireland

The British Isles community on the postcrossing forum is a lot of fun. The latest RR I participated in has been particularly great - I've already received quite a few lovely postcards!

Brian who sent me this card tells me that there are a lot of pubs like this in the west of Ireland. Doesn't it look pretty, too?! It's SO much nicer than my local Wetherspoons in Wolverhampton where I usually go with friends if we decide to go to a pub. I'm not a huge fan of pubs in general but I don't mind if I'm with good friends. I don't really drink alcohol and it always makes me annoyed that pubs tend to charge more for soft drinks than beer. WHY?!? Especially when you consider that unless the soft drink (mainly coke) is from a bottle or a can, it's very cheap to the pub. Ggrrrrr..!

There were some very nice stamps on the card, too, different from the stamp I usually see on mail from Ireland. The stamp on the left is from a set of 3 definitive stamps issued in 2008, depicting wild flowers of Ireland. This one here is the Thrift. The stamp in the middle is from a set of five stamps, "Irish Wild Flower Definitives II" (I'm not sure about the year of issue). This one here shows the Fly orchid. The stamp on the right is from a set of 10 stamps issued in 2009, commemorating An Post's (Ireland Post) Silver Jubilee year. I'm not sure what this particular stamp is supposed to represent...

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