Thursday, 15 July 2010

Peterhof, St Petersburg, Russia

I'm getting rather annoyed with the size of pictures in this blog if I just upload them from my computer. I'm going to try uploading them off my flickr instead and see if that's any better; I'd like to have the pictures of the postcards a bit bigger!


This official from Russia arrived a few days ago and I really, really like it. I'm quite fond of black and white cards in general, and they often seem to show places and people from a slightly different angle. I love the minimalism of this card and the atmosphere in it. I wouldn't have guessed the picture is from Peterhof in St Petersburg unless the sender hadn't told me!

Peterhof is said to be the Russian "Versailles", and the capital of Russian fountains. Having seen more pictures of the place and read more about it since joining Postcrossing (hurrah for postcrossing teaching me more about the world! This is so much more fun than history or geography lessons back at school!) I can totally agree.

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