Sunday, 18 July 2010

Minehead, England

Since I'm on the theme of trains, I thought I'd post this card next as it's vaguely train-related as well. It's a publicity poster from the 1950/60's.

My lovely friend Phillippa from Postcrossing sent me this card - she and her boyfriend have recently been on holiday in South Wales and England and Pip was kind enough to send me this lovely postcard. I'm rather fond of this kind of vintage/nostalgia ad cards, they are so charming!

Minehead is a coastal town in the north-west of the English county of Somerset. It lies on the Bristol Channel coast, 34 km north-west of the county town of Taunton, 19 km from the border with the county of Devon and very close to the area of Exmoor National Park. Minehead has a population of approximately 10,330 making it the largest town in the West Somerset area.

Since Victorian times, tourism has been a part of Minehead's economy. Minehead is the location of one of the three remaining Butlins camps in the UK. At the height of the season in late July and early August, Minehead's population significantly increases with an influx of tourists.

Speaking of trains and tourism, I find it rather sad (and annoying!) that train travel in the UK is so expensive for the most part, even if you book your tickets weeks (or even months!) in advance. There is all this talk about climate change and "being green", but train companies definitely aren't helping here. A lot of people prefer to use their own cars as it's cheaper than travelling by train. I also read an article in some newspaper a while ago - they had done a study according to which it is often cheaper to go on holiday abroad rather than have a holiday in the UK. That just doesn't sound right, but I also don't think ordinary people should be blamed if they go for the cheaper option as the current economic situation in this country is so bad and a lot of people don't have lots of spare cash.

The stamp is the Welsh first class definite stamp. It's so much cooler than the English one! I was actually in Swansea (in south Wales) yesterday but didn't have a chance of going to any post office so I couldn't get any of these stamps myself.

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