Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Zagreb, Croatia

A card from Nives! Thank you dear, it's gorgeous, thank you for sending me a card from my favourites! :)

I was trying to find out what the places/buildings on the card are called, but had no luck... any help would be appreciated!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like the postcard! I snoop through your favorites of PC every now and then in case I see something I can find. :)
Sorry for not writing the description. Again. :) I always lack the space. Sorry.

The top picture is showing the Art Pavilion, that was opened in 1898. You can pretty much see different exhibitions there.

The middle picture shows an old town called Medvedgrad. Or as the all-knowing Internet says, it's a medival fortress from the 13th century. Located on the mountain near Zagreb. It has the awesome view on the city.

The bottom picture is a simple sunset over the river Sava. That's actually not too far from where I live. :) Btw. the river looks big, I'm quite sure this pic was taken during the flood of some kind. :-/

Anu said...

Thank you for the info, dear! And yeah, postcards don't have enough room for writing. :P