Saturday, 18 December 2010

Lisboa, Portugal

I thought I would've posted more cards from Portugal here, but no, this is only the third (or second, as the first one doesn't show a view from Portugal). I should really do something about that as I have so many very beautiful postcards from Portugal. This one is SO nice, too. A pretty old window, a cat, gorgeous tiles, great colours.. what's not to love?!


The picture here is from Lisbon's Campo de Ourique district. The building has a typical facade with "azulejos" (glazed tiles). I tried to find more information about Campo de Ourique, and a lot of travel websites seem to describe it as a very beautiful and popular area in Lisbon with lots of old shops, cafes, a market, and generally a great atmosphere. This is what one website says:

For many centuries there was just a fortress on this hill, only much later, from 1880 until the coup that established the Republic in 1910, did this area develop into a self-contained residential area. Today, Campo de Ourique is one of Lisbon’s favourite residential districts. From small shops to designer boutiques there is a wide variety to choose from. Stroll through the tree lined High Street, Ferreira Borges, and take your time to feel its flair, do some window shopping and just allow yourself a break at one of the cult cafes “O Gigante” or “A Tentadora” and enjoy your bica (Portuguese expresso coffee). At the heart of this charming borough stands a covered market place rather interesting for its architecture. An agreeable place to sit down and fell the atmosphere of this area is the “Teófilo Braga” small park, where locals meet for a chat, a game of cards or just slowly sipping at their bicas. Other places of interest are: the former house of the poet Fernando Pessoa, the historical cemetery of Prazeres with elaborate sculptured family vaults, the Basilica da Estrela, a cathedral with an imposing baroque interior in a neo-classical building, just across, the beautiful Garden of Estrela, and last but not least, on the other side of this park, the English cemetery with church, where the novelist Henry Fielding (“Tom Jones”) is buried.

Sounds like a lovely area to me!

The stamp is from a set of 7 stamps issued earlier this year, depicting Rock in Portugal.

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