Thursday, 16 December 2010

Mespelbrunn Castle, Germany

Another card from Germany, this one is from my Germany friend Tami (who, incidentally, attended the Bielefeld meetup as well :)).

Doesn't the Mespelbrunn Castle look adorable? It is a medieval moated castle on the territory of the town of Mespelbrunn, between Frankfurt and Würzburg, built in a remote tributary valley of the Elsava valley, within the Spessart forest. It is one of the most visited water castles in Germany.

The castle dates from the 15th Century, although it has changed considerably since then. The main building of Mespelbrunn Castle is built on an almost square base on the eastern side of a pond. On the whole northern, western and southern side, the court is surrounded by two storied houses. On the northeastern and southwestern corner, towers of similar height are added to the houses. These are decorated with stepped gables on the western side. The main entrance is on the left side of the southern building. On the western side, the court is limited by two framed transits to the water and the main tower in center, which surmounts the castle.

The larger stamp was issued in 2006 and represents 'spring'. Unless I'm very much mistaken, it's from a set of 4 stamps depicting the four seasons (and I'm still missing summer and autumn :(). The smaller stamp is from a set of 3 definitives issued in 2007, depicting flowers. This one here is Tulip.

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This is amazingly beautiful. :D