Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Maltese Islands

Another Christmas is over... Mine was alright, got to sleep a lot and ate lots of chocolate. :D Christmas in England always feels a bit weird and not quite right, but it wasn't that bad. I do think I might be getting old, though, as Christmas doesn't feel all that 'magical' anymore. *sigh* I had some very nice presents, too, including an ice cream maker which I hope to try out soon (as soon as there'll be some room in the freezer for the bowl, that is). Yum yum! I got some postcards as well, I'll be posting about some of those soon as there were lots of great ones there. I don't care if some others thought it's a bit sad to get postcards for Christmas. :P

Anyway, this card is sort of Christmas-related. Not the card itself, but it's got a special Maltese Christmas cancellation.

Isn't that a pretty little police station in the bottom left corner?! Ours are nothing like that, although we do get those red telephone boxes over here. :p Leena, who sent me this card, said I would probably really love wandering around these little Maltese villages, taking tons of photos. I think she's VERY right. Maybe one day...

And here's the special cancellation. The stamp is from a set of 3 Christmas stamps issued this November. They are all Old Master paintings depicting the Madonna and Child, this one here being the painting 'Madonna di Maggio' by Pierre Guillemin (early 1700s) and is found at St George Basilica in Gozo.

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