Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Irish Doors

One thing I don't like about holidays is that you don't get mail on those days, and Christmas means an extra special break. I was also quite frustrated yesterday when I realised it was still Bank Holiday. I wanted to go to the post office, but of course it wasn't open so I had to go again today and wait for ages in the queue. Hopefully I won't have to go again soon.. I've stocked up on stamps and hopefully those will last me for a while.

And no, the above doesn't have anything to do with this card, I just felt like rambling. :P I've received some amazing postcards from Brian in Ireland before and this one is no exception.

In fact, this is a pretty perfect postcard. I mean you have pretty, colourful doors, a bicycle, a postman and cute animals. Adorable!

The stamp is from a set of 3 Christmas stamps issued earlier this year.

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