Thursday, 30 December 2010

Tammsaare Farm Museum, Estonia

I received this beautiful Estonian postcard from Janek in the 'UK & Ireland x other countries RR' recently, one of my favourite RRs on the Postcrossing forum. :)

Here you can see Tammsaare Farm Museum. Tammsaare is a village in Lasva Parish, Võru County in southeastern Estonia. It has a population of 26 and an area of 1.2 km².

Tammsaare is also the name of one of the most important Estonian authors. A.H. Tammsaare was an Estonian writer whose pentalogy Truth and Justice (Tõde ja õigus; 1926–1933) is considered one of the major works of Estonian literature and "The Estonian Novel".

Very nice stamps, too. :) The one on the left was issued in 1996 and shows the Vaindloo lighthouse. The other stamp is from a set of 4 stamps issued in 2005 with the theme 'Angels'.


ulvikaru said...

Hi Anu!

You really have amazing blog and great collection here. :) Will be here more often in the future. And I hope to "meet" you again in the forum soon. :)

Have a great 2011!

Anu said...

Hi Janek!

Thank YOU for the great card with wonderful stamps! :)

Happy new year 2011!