Thursday, 9 December 2010

Florida and Bahamas

This card is from a swap with the lovely Helen in the USA. She always sends me the most amazing cards and this is no exception. :)

I would really love to be lying on a beach somewhere in Florida or the Bahamas right now. It's been SO cold here for ages now and our house is freezing again. At the moment I'm sitting in front of my laptop with a little heater blowing hot air next to me, and I'm also wearing a knitted hat my mum sent me earlier this week. Trying to keep warm... :P There were jokes at my volunteering job about relocating to the Caribbean for the winter.. wouldn't that be nice? :p It isn't actually that bad at work as it's really warm there, but you can't take that warmth home with you unfortunately.

The three small stamps are all various definitives. The stamp on top left was issued earlier this year and shows Julia de Burgos. It's the 26th stamp in the 'Literary Arts' series. The stamp next to it is from a set of 5 stamps issued earlier this year, showind 'Sunday Funnies'. The Archie stamp here features Archie sharing a chocolate shake with brunette Veronica Lodge on his right and blonde Betty Cooper on his left.

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