Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Sousse, Tunisia

One more post about an African country, this time Tunisia.

I won't write much about Sousse here as I've already done so here. I couldn't resist posting more cards of the place, though, because I find it so fascinating. I could probably spend days on the alleys of the Medina, taking photos and just looking at all the gorgeous buildings and little details. Mmmmmm...!

Liubov of Russia who sent me these cards, wrote this on the back of one of the cards:

Tunisia was a French colony until 1956. French is a second official language. Most of the population are Arabs, 95% Muslims. Women in Tunisia have equal rights with men. Allowed divorce and polygamy is forbidden. Absolutely officially operate brothels under state control. In general Tunisia is poor but rather prosperous tourist country where everything is under total control of the state.

This is quite topical, then, seeing as most of the population of Tunisia are muslims and Ramadan is about to finish this year. It's such an interesting concept, I've been reading a bit more about it this year as there have been posts about it in one of my favourite blogs recently.

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