Sunday, 12 September 2010

Rab, Croatia

What did I just say about wishing to be somewhere warm? I can't help it, I'd love to go on holidays more often (and not just in Finland). *sigh* I love receiving holiday cards from friends, and this one is one such card. Nives is one lucky person!

The top of this card is cut in shape like the houses and it was a bit awkward to scan. It's such a lovely card, though, and the views are amazing! Ahhh, I'd love to see all those old houses and walk through those old streets and peek from the city walls!

Rab is an island in Croatia and a town of the same name located just off the northern Croatian coast in the Adriatic Sea.

The island is 22 km long, has an area of 93.6 km² and 9,480 inhabitants (2001). The highest peak is Kamenjak at 408 meters. The northeastern side of the island is mostly barren, karst, while the southwestern side is covered by one of the last oak forests of the Mediterranean.

Ferries connect the island of Rab with the mainland ports of Jablanac and Rijeka, as well as with the neighbouring islands of Krk and Pag.

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