Sunday, 26 September 2010

Lapland, Finland

Autumn is here so I thought I'd post some autumn-related postcards here. They will all be older cards that I've received; I like posting an occasional older card anyway as I have a lot of great ones in my collection.


This card arrived in March this year. A very nice official from Finland - I love receiving official postcrossing cards from Finland and wouldn't mind it happening more often. I've become quite interested in Lapland recently so any cards related to that are a particularly nice treat.

There's nothing about the exact location of the place shown on this card, it's just a random stream somewhere in Lapland on a frosty morning. It reminds me of the photos my parents have shown me from their trips in Lapland. I used to say I wouldn't want to go to Lapland myself but now I think I wouldn't mind anymore if I ever got the chance.. which is pretty unlikely now unfortunately.

This card is particularly nice thanks to the stamp and cancellations. The card was actually mailed in Finland, but it's sent from an event in Turku organised by the local stamp club, and Åland's Post was there too, hence the special stamp and cancellations. I think this stamp was probably printed specifically for this event ("Spring in Turku") as it shows the Turku Castle. In any case it's SUCH a treat!

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