Sunday, 5 September 2010

Ramsey Harbour, Isle of Man

Isle of Man is so close to England, and yet for some reason postcards from there are quite a rarity, or at least I don't have many... I did receive an official from there a couple of years ago but until now that has been my only card from there. Now I have two more, thanks to a family friend who lives there. I saw Wendy in a party this summer and asked her if she wouldn't mind sending me a couople of postcards from there. I didn't think she would remember, but she did!

This is the Harbour in Ramsey, a town in the north of the Isle of Man. It is the second largest town on the island after Douglas. Its population is 7,309 according to the 2006 census. The harbour is one of the biggest on the island, and has a prominent derelict pier, called the Queen's Pier. It was formerly one of the main points of communication with Scotland.

The stamp is from a set of ten stamps issued earlier this year, depicting Island Life.

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