Wednesday, 8 September 2010


A wonderful map card that came from a swap with Naomi who was visiting Morocco.

This is my first written and stamped postcard from Morocco as well. I have a few more now, thanks to Naomi, but this one is so lovely, I really do like map cards. It's so much fun to discover new places! It also reminds me a bit of the famous Finnish board game "Afrikan tähti" ("the star of Africa"). Tangiers is one of the starting places in the game so that name is particularly familiar to me.

It always confuses me how near Morocco is to Spain. It's so close, and yet so far away. Morocco really fascinates me and I'd love to visit the country one day. The architecture there seems gorgeous, as does the culture in general, and the cuisine is very tempting, mmmmmm... And I'd love to taste Moroccan mint tea. :)

I couldn't find any info on the stamp, but it looks like it's from a set of definitive stamps issued in 2008, depicting Moroccan tapestries.

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