Sunday, 5 September 2010

Montezuma, Costa Rica

I've got a bunch of postcards I want to post about here, and I actually have some different countries as well. Costa Rica is one of those places I don't receive postcards from too often. It looks like such a beautiful country, though. For a long time I used to associate the words "costa rica" with coffee as there used to be a brand of coffee with that name sold in Finland (I don't know if it still is). It's nice to learn something about the country for a change. :p

This postcard shows Montezuma, a town in Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica which began as a remote fishing village and has gained popularity since the 1980s among tourists on a budget. The town features a mix of local residents as well as foreign backpackers and eco-tourists who come for the beaches, rivers, and scenic waterfalls that surround the village. The nearby Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve draws a large number of visitors to the area. Montezuma has well-known healing arts and yoga communities and is also home to the annual Costa Rica International Film Festival held every November.

The stamp on the card is pretty and huge! It's from a set of six stamps issued in 2009, commemorating the 60th Anniversary of ICE - Electricity and Telecom company.

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