Saturday, 18 September 2010

Rukkirahu Lighthouse, Estonia

I have quite a few "postcard pals"; people I regularly swap postcards with. I don't have as many as I used to, though, as I haven't heard from a few people for ages. I suppose they aren't interested anymore then... I love meeting new people this way and getting to know them better. That, and they always send me such lovely postcards! The postcard underneath is one of the latest ones I've received. This one is from Rita in Estonia.

I love postcards of seas, somehow I find them very calming. Lighthouses are always great, too, and the colourful strip on the left is a very nice addition on this card.

Rukkirahu is an island in the Väinameri Sea. Rita tells me that you can see this lighthouse when you travel on a ferry from mainland Estonia to Hiiumaa.

There are some lovely stamps issued in Estonia! I couldn't find much info on the stamp on the left, but it looks like it commemorates the hundred years (in 1996 when the stamp was issued) of Narrow gauge railway in Estonia. The stamp on the right was issued earlier this year with the theme Estonian manor halls, this one here being The Suuremõisa on the Hiiumaa Island.

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