Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Orkney Islands, Scotland

Let's stay on islands. I received this card, and a bunch of other lovely postcards of Scotland from the lovely Andy from postcrossing before I went to Finland and have been meaning to post about this and a few others ever since. This is one of my favourites, probably because it includes a map and it's a panoramic postcard (I'm quite fond of panoramic postcards).

There was some helpful info on the back of the card:

The seventy-plus Orkney Islands lie at latitude of 59°N, with an area of 9700ha a coastline of 920km, and a population of about 21,000. Only 10km at closest from Scotland, Orkney's diverse economy comprises agriculture, fishing, tourism, crafts, whisky and oil. The mild climate is due to the North Atlantic Slope Current and weather systems. There is much to see and do including world class archaelogy, magnificent coastal scenery, wildlife, as well as such things as the Churchill Barries, Old Man of Hoy and St Magnus Cathedral.

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