Saturday, 7 August 2010

Sousse, Tunisia

Staying by the Mediterranean (and old cards)... This one is actually a German official card, but sent from Tunisia during the sender's holiday there. I know there are people who don't really like it when the postcard code and the country on the card don't match, but I don't mind, especially when the card has been sent from holidays. I think it's a brilliant idea, especially as it seems like people don't send so many cards from their holidays anymore.


Sousse is located 140 km south of the capital Tunis, in the central-east of the country, on the Gulf of Hammamet, which is a part of the Mediterranean Sea. Its economy is based on transport equipment, processed food, olive oil, textiles and tourism.

Sousse is considered one of the best examples of seaward-facing fortifications built by the Arabs. Its ribat, a soaring structure that combined the purposes of a minaret and a watch tower, is in outstanding condition and draws visitors from around the world.

These days, Sousse, with a population of more than 540,000, retains a medieval heart of narrow, twisted streets, a kasbah and medina, its ribat fortress and long wall on the Mediterranean. Surrounding it is a modern city of long, straight roads and more widely spaced buildings. The medina is also a Unesco World Heritage Site.

I'm not 100 % sure, but it looks like the author of this amazing blog lives in Sousse, or at least it looks an awful lot like Sousse. (The last couple of weeks she's been on holiday in Finland, but the majority of photos there are from Tunisia, and they are AMAZING. That blog is amongst my favourites.) It's really made me want to visit this beautiful country, if only I had more money to travel... *sigh*

The stamp is very pretty. It's from a set of 4 stamps issued in 2008 regarding Terracotta Objects, this one here being terracotta dish Kairouan.

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