Saturday, 7 August 2010

Inge Löök grannies

I love Inge Löök's grannies, they are so anarchistic and really seem to enjoy life. They are just so much fun! :)

This is such a cool card - sent by the lovely Lilla in Finland, it's from the "Cards with thematic stamps" RR which I really like and hope to join some more groups after coming back home from Finland in a few weeks. Both the card and the stamp are women-related here. The stamp is even more amazing than the card... look:

It's from Åland!! The stamp is from a set of 3 stamps issued in 2009 showing Åland Authors, this one here is Anni Blomqvist. She is known, amongst other things, for the Stormskärs-Maja series ("Myrskyluodon Maija" in Finnish; "Maija from the Storm Skerries"). I'm not sure if I've ever read any of the books in this series, but I'm pretty sure I've watched some of the tv show from the 70s with the same title, and I really love the theme song for this series. It was composed by Lasse Mårtenson, a Finnish singer, composer and actor, and it's SO beautiful. I was really pleased to find it in Youtube, and have included it below. Do check it out!

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