Sunday, 8 August 2010

Lankaran, Azerbaijan

I don't seem to have much logic with my posting today.. :P Well, apart from the fact that I post about cards I really like, haha. I've actually been meaning to post about this specific card pretty much since I started this blog, but for some reason haven't got round to it until now.

And why is this card so special, you ask. Well, because it's tea-related! :) This card shows a sculptural group at the entrance to Lankaran city, devoted to TEA! How awesome is that?! Those who know me a bit better, know that I'm a tea addict and rather obsessed with the stuff. Therefore, postcards related to tea are always more than welcome in my collection. Mmmm, and the picture on the left shows a tea shrub, they open their flowers with delicate aroma in December (that's what the card says, anyway).

A bit more about Lankaran... The city is located on the coast of the Caspian Sea, near the southern border with Iran and has a population of 50,244.

Dominating spheres in Lankaran economy are vegetable-growing, tea-growing, paddy cultivating, cattle-breeding, citrus plants, beekeeping, fishing, and grain farming. Favourable humid subtropical climate, availability of good arable land, water and sufficient labour resources of city provides a good basis for agricultural activities as well as development of agro-processing enterprises. The city is also home of Azerbaijan's first tea plant, built in 1937. Tea-cultivation and processing industry became important in the area during the 20th century.

There seem to be several tea-related sculptures in Lankaran; this HUGE samovar is pretty cool as well!

The card came in an envelope as the sender, Yana, told me that Azerbaijan post isn't very reliable. I'd have to agree as I never received her first postcard :( ...I've always wondered, where does all this lost mail end up to? Do postmen just steal it, or is there a different explanation?

Anyway, as for the stamp, it is a definitive stamp issued in 2006, showing Heydar Aliyev, the third President of Azerbaijan for the New Azerbaijan Party from June 1993 to October 2003

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