Sunday, 1 August 2010


I've been doing some private swaps recently, this came from one such swap. It's SUCH a nice map card, too - I love the sea, and the little pictures.

Croatia has a bird like shape, so when you look for it on the map of Europe you just have to remember to look for a bird :) On this card you can also see 6 out of 8 national parks and 6 out of 7 Unesco sites of Croatia. One of my favourite parts of this card is the little wolf, and Dubrovnik looks gorgeous as ever. Croatia seems very much like a hidden gem in Europe - how come it's not so well known (at least not around here)?!

The red stamp on the left was issued in 2008, in a set of 5 stamps portraying Croatian Ethnographic Heritage. This one shows Local Customs from Bistra. The stamp on the right was issued in 2008 under the theme Famous Croats. This stamp commemorates the 125th Anniversary of the birth of Ivan Mestrovic.

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