Sunday, 1 August 2010


This postcard has got to be one of the biggest surprises I've ever had when checking the mail I've received. I was certain I couldn't see properly, I mean how could I ever receive a written and stamped postcard from GREENLAND?!?

...well, it's most definitely real, and it came directly from Greenland. It's from a postcard pal of mine, Johanna, who was on a two weeks holiday in Greenland with her sister. HOW do you go on holiday in Greenland?!? I had always imagined it would be impossibly difficult to get there; surely it's not the most popular tourist destination?!?

The card shows sheep farming in South Greenland. The houses all look so cute and colourful! Johanna told me that all houses in Greenland seemed to be very colourful and bright and you can't really find two houses that would look alike. She also told me there are lots of mountains and rocks in Greenland, and small flowers grow everywhere. It certainly looks and sounds like a fascinating country - how cool would it be to visit there one day?!

The stamp is more than perfect, too - this year's Europa stamp with the theme "children's books". Thank you so much, Johanna!!


Steffi said...

I believe you that you were surprised. This is really rare to get a card from Greenland. I'm happy for you!
I'll come visit your blog more often now * g *


Anu said...

I was really surprised, yes! Johanna has been to some really fascinating countries! :)

I'll go check out your blog now :)