Sunday, 1 August 2010

Alaska Railroad

Let's stay in arctic regions... Moving on to Alaska, a US state I have a soft spot (probably partly due to watching Northern Exposure as a kid, although I can't remember much of that tv series anymore...). This is a surprise card from Helen in the US, with whom I've swapped cards a couple of times.

This postcard just looks so surreal to me. The colours are amazing and I love the contrast of the pink flowers at the front and the golden-blue mountains at the back, while the colours of the train match the scene perfectly. Apparently these pink flowers are everywhere in Alaska.

From the back of the card:

The Alaska Railroad provides both passenger and freight service from Seward to Anchorage and all the way on to Fairbanks in the interior of the state. One popular destination for many passengers is Denali National Park, seen here in the distance.

..and here are the famous Simpsons stamps again :) They are from a set of 5 stamps, issued in 2009. The smaller stamp is a definitive stamp from the American design series, issued in 2003. This one shows American Clock. I like it how clear the cancellation is, too!

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