Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Viaduto Carvalho, Brazil

I only just realised that I haven't posted any Brazilian cards in this blog at all. Ooops! I didn't mean that to happen, after all I have so many beautiful postcards from there. I was sort of reminded last week when I received two officials from Brazil. This GORGEOUS train card was the first one.


The Curitiba-Paranaguá train ride is one of the most exciting and scenic travel routes in Brazil. It winds its way across the mountains of Serra do Mar - Brazil's coastal range - in the southern state of Paraná. The trip covers 62 miles.

The journey between Curitiba, the state capital, and the port city of Paranaguá, owes its appeal to the engineering feats accomplished in the construction of the railway as well as to the natural beauty and cultural attractions along its path. [source]

It does look amazing, the views look breathtaking and SO lush!

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