Saturday, 31 March 2012

Kraków, Poland

Earlier this week it was really warm and sunny here in England - above +20 C and you could go out in a t-shirt! It was lovely, I wish these sunny days weren't over yet. Something else earlier this week made me a LOT less happy.. the Royal Mail announced their annual price increases, and it's the biggest increase in 37 years, about 30% in average but some prices are going up even more (like parcels and packets). Needless to say I'm NOT happy. I'm going to have to cut back on the number of postcards I send. I still want to keep sending postcards to my postcard pals, friends and regular swappers, but I'll have to cut back on the number of officials I send, and limit my forum activities. I can sort of see why they need to increase the prices if they are making losses, but increases on this kind of scale just seem totally ridiculous and over the top, surely it's going to mean that people will send even less mail than before?! Seems to me like they're just trying to fatten up the Royal Mail for privatisation (and if/when that happens, I suspect even bigger price increases and worse service :(). Grrrrr!!

Anyway. I thought I'd post some nice cards here to cheer myself up a bit. This first beauty had been in my favourites for a while and then earlier this year I received it through one of my favourite RR's (Choose a Country RR). :)

I've already written about Kraków here so I'm not going to repeat myself. I wanted to post about this card anyway, though, because I simply adore it, the atmosphere in it is so beautiful. I love the tones here, it looks like such a surreal scene!

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