Saturday, 17 March 2012

Läänemaa, Estonia

A lovely map postcard I received from Estonia last year. I love the cards in this series, showing different parts of Estonia.

Läänemaa (Lääne County) is one of 15 counties of Estonia. It is located in western Estonia and borders Baltic Sea to the north, Harju County to the north-east, Rapla County to the east, Pärnu County to the south, and the island counties of Saare and Hiiu to the west. 27,477 people live in Lääne County – constituting 2.0% of the total population in Estonia (as of January 2009).

On this card, on the top you can see the Episcopal castle in Haapsalu and on the bottom a railway station (also in Haapsalu? it doesn't say anywhere on the card), and the drawing in the middle is of national clothes of a girl and a boy of Lihula.

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