Thursday, 8 March 2012


I had had this postcard in my favourites for quite a while so I was really happy to finally receive it from a tag. It has a mailbox AND a bicycle on it, perfect! ..and the cancellation on this card is pretty amazing as well.

The sender, Sue, tells me this is a vintage mailbox - mailboxes in Taiwan nowadays are square and more convenient for the mailman to take out the letters. There are still some old mailboxes in touristy areas, though.

The design of this mailbox reminds me of some mailboxes over here. I have no idea how convenient they are to the mailman, but they sure are pretty, so much nicer than the ugly modern ones.


Heather said...

Oh what a great card and an AMAZING cancellation-wow! *a little bit jealous lol*

Anu said...

I wish you could get cancellations like this here, too!