Thursday, 28 April 2011

Venice, Italy

If everything had gone like it was supposed to, I wouldn't be updating this blog right now. I really wanted to go to my Aikido class after missing it last Thursday and there not being practice this Tuesday, but I got ill yesterday. :( Not sure if it's a flu but my head feels like a balloon and I feel so tired and achey. I didn't want to fall ill during a holiday!! Grrr. Anyway, I've spent lots of time in bed now, drinking tons of tea and mostly feeling very useless. I wanted to do something nice as well, however, so, hi blog! Here are a few random postcards I've received earlier this year.


This is such a lovely, lovely card! I absolutely adore the view and the atmosphere. It probably wouldn't be much fun to live in one of those houses in the long run but I prefer to imagine just visiting them. I used to have a penpal living near Venice for years when I was younger so it's kind of special place for me.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I love receiving postcards from other people who have moved to live in a different country - be it for love or something else. It's just really interesting to hear other people's experiences of it. The sender of this postcard is originally from Russia - and also a tea addict, and we seem to have lots of other things in common as well. :) I love it when that happens!

The bigger stamp has featured in this blog before, but since it's such a nice one, I'm putting it here again. It's Italy's contribution to the Europa stamp series, last year's theme being children's books. (I believe this year's theme is Forests. I'm really disappointed with the UK's contribution, it's one stamp of a rainforest type of thingy on a miniature sheet. What the hell?!? Yes I know the UK isn't exactly covered in forests, but there's still something here that could've been used instead. < / rant >) The smaller stamp is from a set of 7 definitives issued in 2002, depicting women.

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