Saturday, 23 April 2011


One more card for today.. and this one is more than special. Honestly, I was sooo excited to find this in my mailbox. It's not like I get mail from Guinea every day, and the card itself is pretty amazing, too!

I still can't quite believe I actually have this card. Madeleine, who is currently living in Guinea and teaching literacy teaching there, sent me a message asking me if I'd like to swap! I would've never expected anything like that as it's such a rare country and I would've imagined she gets tons of swap requests, but as she asked first, of course I wanted to swap. And she got me such a special card, too, a handmade painting by a local artist Oumar Diallo. It's a very typical Guinean painting, Madeleine tells me you won't find this style anywhere else. The painter is pretty amazing, too - his studio is tiny, with only one little (broken) table and a few chairs, but out of nothing, he creates these wonderful paintings. I'd say that really is something to admire!

Madeleine sent the card (and another, a vintage card of a waterfall) in an envelope because she said postmen in Guinea like postcards as much as she does, and if you tried to send a written and stamped postcard it most likely would just disappear. That is such a shame :( The stamps are very pretty but I couldn't find any info on them. Most Guinean stamps look *really* strange and don't seem to have any relation to the country. Take a look at these and you'll see what I mean. It seems like most of the stamp issues there are just pretty pieces of paper intended for collectors, never to be used as actual postage.


Sreisaat said...

Hi Anu... thanks for visiting my blog earlier.
Oh my, I'm so green with envy! Guinea is one of the countries with very few swappers. Do you think your friend might be interested in Cambodian postcards? LOL. Just kidding.
Happy Easter, Anu!

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Ana said...

I LOVE that train stamp!! I do agree that, not only Guinea, but many third countries like this issue stamps that have nothing to do with the country itself, yet, all of them are so fantastic with great images.
And Happy Easter dear :)

Anu said...

Sreisaat, I'm a bit confused because she actually has 'not interested in direct swaps' on her page, and yet she messaged me.. so I'm not sure what happened.. O_o

Ana, I wonder if it's just a way to make some money as these countries are pretty poor.. I remember seeing stamps like that when I was more active with stamp collecting. I was never too keen on them because I prefer stamps that have actually been used as postage but if they help the economies of these countries then I suppose it's not so bad.

Happy (slightly belated) Easter to both of you, too!

Anonymous said...

Hello Anu ! Very nice card ! It makes me remember the way I take it difficult to find any postcard in Ghana ...!