Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Map of Russia

It feels like I'm posting about postcards from Russia all the time here.. but then how could I not when I have so many of them, and most of them are very, very pretty?! This one is no exception, although sadly it's been smudged with cancellations during its journey from Moscow to Sedgley. :(

I'm very fond of map postcards - I love all the little details and postcards like this with actual drawings are SO nice! I particularly like the reindeeer (?), bear and train on this one. ...and I can't help admiring the diversity of Russia and how huge it is. Russia occupies 11,46% of the Earth (Canada is on the 2nd place) and borders 18 countries. Forests cover 40% of the territory of Russia and has one fifth of the world's forests. There are 84 nature reserves and 35 national parks.

Such nice stamps, too! The one on the right was issued in 2006 under the theme '250 Years Altai to Russia'. The one next to it is from a mini sheet of 10 stamps issued in 2002, depicting 'eyes'. The stamp next to that one is from a souvenir sheet of 3 stamps issued in 2008, showing Russian wooden churches in Kizhi and World Cultural Heritage in Russia, this one here showing the Church of Preobrazheniya Gospodnya. The small stamp is also from 2008 and shows the Pokrovsk Cathedral.

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