Saturday, 23 April 2011

Map of Malta

This very nice map card arrived as a surprise from Leena of Malta. I've done a couple of swaps with her before and she decided to send me this postcard after seeing it in my favourites. I do love the thoughtfulness of some people! :)

This is a proper 'vintage' postcard from the 1980s. How cool is it that some shops still sell postcards like this?! It's *such* a nice card, too, I love all the little details and how many of them there are. This card sort of reminds me of my childhood when holidays abroad were still a bit more "special". ...or at least they were for me. I only had a holiday abroad two times when I was a kid, when my grandmother took me on holiday with her, once to Algarve, Portugal and the second time it was Rhodes, Greece. I haven't been abroad an awful lot since then, either.. I'm hoping to have a proper holiday (=not staying with family or relatives and somewhere other than the UK or Finland) at some point this autumn, but I have no idea yet where it might be. It probably wouldn't be a clichéd, lazy holiday lying on a beach in Spain, though. :P

The stamp is from a set of 3 issued earlier this year, with the them 'Treasures of Malta - Landscapes'. The one here shows Manoel Island.

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