Thursday, 28 April 2011

Seattle, USA

Another postcard from the 'Choose a Country RR'...

I'm not usually hugely fond of postcards showing cityscapes of huge US cities, but this one is really nice. I like the touch the flowers at the front add to the atmosphere, and the mountain in the background is pretty impressive as well. Seattle seems like a city I might actually like, too. It seems like a pretty open-minded place and I also have the impression that there are lots of cafés there. I would love to spend more time in them, sitting next to a table in some quiet corner sipping hot chocolate or tea (since I don't like coffee :( ), writing a letter or a postcard to a friend. Mmm... it's just a shame that at least over here, cafés are pretty expensive so I can't afford to go in them much.

The big stamp is from earlier this year, showing Ronald Reagan. The stamp on the left is the well known definitive stamp from 2003, showing the American Clock. The dog stamp, then, is from a set of 10 stamps issued last year, under the title 'Adopt a shelter pet'.


Nives said...

I have the exact same postcard!!! :)

You would enjoy Zagreb if you like cafés - they are everywhere!! And they are always full of people. If it's cold outside or if you just don't know what else to do with your friends - you'd probably end up in a café drinking whatever you drink and talking. :D

Anu said...


Oooo, yes, I do think I would enjoy Zagreb, then :) Cafés appeal to me a lot more than pubs, where we usually end up with friends here..

reshma M said...
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