Monday, 16 March 2015

Greetings from Taiwan

I had some issues getting this one. I arranged one swap a while back but still haven't received the card (and I don't know if my swap partner received hers as I haven't heard anything from her. Should really message her...). I asked for another swap with a different person later on and this time the card arrived safely.

I love the colours in this one - a lot of the postcards in this series are a tad too light and pastel-coloured for my liking, even if I do still like them, but this is just right. :)

 I've only ever tried bubble tea once, in Birmingham a couple of years ago. I quite liked it, although it didn't really taste like tea to me... More like a nice sweet drink with the tapioca pearls somehow reminding me of gummy sweets.

 Also, I hadn't realised there were that many Postcrossing members in Taiwan!

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