Sunday, 22 March 2015

Greetings from Estonia

This postcard only arrived last week. I'd been looking for this one for quite a while... Thank you SO much for the swap, Janne!

Ohhh, and the new 'Greetings from' postcards should be out any time now. I really hope this time more have been printed than before so that they won't be sold out within a day/a few hours like seems to have happened before. Surely the designer/shop owner should realise by now how popular these postcards are and print enough?! Also, it seems like this time it could be pretty much impossible to get some of the cards written and stamped from their country of origin. :/

I think I'd read somewhere before that Skype was invented in Estonia. It's SUCH a lovely invention, too, I'm forever grateful to the Estonian programmers as it means I can talk to my family in Finland without having to spend a fortune on phone credit. ...even if we can't really use the video feature as well because it tends to screw up the calls, but that must be because there's something wrong with our internet connection. Hmmm... Not very nice, but at least I can still talk to my parents.

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