Sunday, 22 March 2015

a tiny post office, North Carolina, USA

This is a slightly older card, received six year ago as an official. I'd been meaning to post it here for ages but something was always playing up with Flickr when I tried. Well, here it is now.

What a cute little post office! It's located in Salvo in North Carolina, USA. The sender told me that it looks more like a child's playhouse and the post mistress is an elderly lady.

Salvo is a census-designated place located in Dare County, North Carolina, on Hatteras Island, part of North Carolina's Outer Banks. Originally (with Rodanthe and Waves) part of the settlement of Chicamacomico, Salvo was originally known as Clarks or Clarksville.

The name "Salvo" allegedly stems from the American Civil War, during which a passing Union vessel spotted the settlement, which was not marked on their maps. The commanding officer ordered an attack, and a sailor marked the site on his map with the word "Salvo." The name was formally given to the town when it received a post office in 1901. The Salvo post office, zip code 27972, one of the smallest postal facilities in the United States, was damaged by an arsonist in 1992. A new post office was constructed later in the decade for all of Chicamacomico. Hurricane Sandy in October 2012 damaged much of the Outer Banks area including Salvo.

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