Monday, 16 February 2015

Singapore public housing

I received this postcard earlier this year through the South East Asia RR on the Postcrossing. There was a special group open for Year of the Sheep/Goat stamps and I just couldn't resist joining. I know the postcard isn't sheep-related, but that wasn't a requirement and I really don't mind (although I did feel bad when sending out my cards as I only had a few sheep postcards available; I do realise many people prefer the postcard to match). This card had actually been in my favourites for a while, so I was really pleased to receive it.

I wonder if all public housing in Singapore is this colourful...? ...and whether these blocks of flats are a little nicer than some council block of flats over here... :P Having said that, though, I do wish it was easier to get a council flat here - it's pretty much impossible unless you're in a priority group with special needs. :(

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